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Dear Friend--
With election season behind us, we now turn to the work of the people.  The tasks in governance that are before us will require us to put partisanship aside, work together and stand up for New Yorkers all across this state. 
I'm humbled that Westchester has given me the chance to serve as the next State Senator from the 37th District and confront those challenges head on in Albany. 
As legislators, we have many tests ahead of us.  From rebuilding in the aftermath of Sandy, holding public utilities accountable and preparing for similar events in the future to reducing government mandates, lowering taxes and delivering the right quality and balance of services that taxpayers can afford and deserve.  These trials are only a few of the things that inspire us to run for office and motivate us to work harder on your behalf.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the opportunity to serve as Westchester's newest advocate in the State Senate.  
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Best wishes,
George Latimer
State Senator-Elect, 37th District
Latimer for Senate